The Cloud Castle – Page 53


As Perilous Jack presses deeper into this level of the castle, many more Constructs rise from the twilight to greet him, spawned from a factory-Pipe near the ceiling.

There are puddles of intensely acidic Crimson Slime as well, interspersed among the Greens. The steel is etched where they have passed.

Soon Jack encounters a second Green Pipe projecting from the floor, broader than the first, and boasting a new type of guardian – a huge Air Elemental. Jack hesitates, waiting to see if the Elemental will come sailing toward him, and then the quality of the machine sound around him reveals the answer – the Elemental is bound to its Tornado Shaft, where the whirlwind of its body is maintained by a powerful fan concealed in the Green Pipe. It will make the Elemental easier to defeat if it is stationary – although not much. Yet defeat it he must, for there is no other way past – unless the magic of his Seven League Boots is sufficient to overleap the Elemental.

Does Jack have the Paper Fan? If he does, and if the Fan has fewer than seven dragons painted on it, turn to 43.

If Jack has a Potion of Air Body, he can test its efficacy against a creature of the same element. Turn to 101.

If Jack does not have either magic item or if the Paper Fan has seven dragons painted upon it, he can choose to fight. Turn to 40.

If you think Jack should try leaping over the Elemental to avoid the fight, turn to 73.