The Cloud Castle – Page 40


The Air Elemental is large and powerful; this will be a hard fight.

Working in Jack’s favor is the fact that the Elemental is evidently tethered to its Green Pipe. Jack can hear a powerful fan at work in the Tornado Shaft; apparently, this is the source of the magic that creates and binds the Elemental. Patience and careful bladework are the key here. Jack dances in and out, dodging buffeting blows from the Elemental’s whirling form and scoring blows when he can.

Jack’s patience does the trick! After a dozen or more carefully timed blows from the enchanted blade of the Rune Sword, the Air Elemental is perceptibly smaller and weaker. Jack steps up his tempo, dashing in and out and landing successively powerful blows.

The climax is unrewarding; one final strike, and the Elemental blows itself apart into a tumble of random zephyrs. The wind whips Jack’s hair in his eyes; when he dashes his hair aside, the Elemental is gone, and the way is clear.

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