Welcome to the world of Malkat, the home of Perilous Jack the Giant Killer!

This is not a storybook to be read straight through!

This is a game book, an adventure where you control the action. After each section, you may be given one or more options. When you have decided what to do, turn to the section indicated and continue. Your choices guide the action – whether Perilous Jack will succeed or fail, cultivate lasting alliances or make mortal enemies, even whether he will live or die . . .

. . . and when the adventure is over, you can begin again, making different choices, encountering new adventures and exploring more of the magical realm of Malkat!

At the end of this introduction, there is a brief tour of the game, starting with the principal players, a few features of the landscape, and a quick look at the kind of treasures and items Perilous Jack is likely to obtain.

After the tour are two information sheets: an Equipment Sheet that will help you keep track of Jack’s possessions, and a Journal where you can record the important clues you will receive as you play. Feel free to print out the blank sheets before you begin, or just use a sheet of scratch paper.

Ready to begin? Check out the Tour!

Good luck, have fun – and remember – it’s your adventure!