Treasure and Powerups



Among the many wonders left by the Emerald Dynasty, one of the greatest is StarSteel, an alien material combining many of the properties of metal and crystal. Like the FloatStone, StarSteel levitates under its own power, but it also possesses other properties of interest. The steel itself can be worked by those with the skill and a magical furnace, making armor and weapons of the highest quality and lightest weight, often with magical properties including the ability to reflect energy. The Old Ones concealed most of their raw StarSteel ore in the CacheStones, generally in the form of flattened diamond-shaped disks or coins, although orbs and raw crystals are occasionally found.


The universal commodity of all intelligent races, gold is found in countless shapes and sizes of coin, in the form of jewelry and ornaments, and even forged into magically enhanced weapons and armor. Dragons and Giants hoard it, Chimaeras leave it lying in heaps among the skeletons of their victims, the Rogue Suns of the southern desert Ialpor Cnila consume it as a visionary sacrament, and sentients everywhere buy and sell with it, kill and die for it. Gold is everywhere associated with the Sun, nobility, and spiritual perfection, but also with violence, greed, treachery, and blood.



A holy substance to the Pilzini moon-maidens, a source of terror to lycanthropes and the undead, silver is the most ubiquitous of the precious metals, appearing in everything from coins to blades, jewelry to quality bridles. Silver is everywhere associated with the Moon, beauty, mystery, the night, mystic intuition, and the wisdom of the distant stars. Ten silver coins are worth one gold in the economy of the Mushroom Kingdom.


Diamonds, Rubies, and Emeralds

Long hailed as the three most precious of stones, diamonds, rubies, and emeralds are nearly universal currency throughout the realm of Malkat. Many magical and religious traditions claim the gems possess subtle magical qualities, making this or that stone ideal for use in wands, sacred jewelry, weapons and armor, and even ground up into magical potions. Some races, such as the Dragons and certain types of Elemental, even rely on the stones for food . . .

Diamonds are worth 100 Gold each; Rubies and Emeralds are each worth 50.



The TowaShrooms are not the only strange fungi native to the Mushroom Kingdom. PowaShrooms, although not as impressive as their cousins, have a far more useful property. When eaten, they grant the partaker temporary superhuman strength. Even rarer varieties of magical mushroom exist, such as the fabled SpidaShroom, which grant even greater powers.


Fire Flowers

Even more coveted than PowaShrooms are the rare and expensive Fire Flowers. Eating a single blossom grants the ability to fling fireballs from the fingertips. Like the PowaShroom, there are lesser-known variations: the Ice Blossom, the SparkPetal, and the exceptionally dangerous NukeBloom.


Star Crystals

Countless legends abound concerning the origin of the Star Crystals. Some claim they were engineered by the Old Ones of the Emerald Dynasty, others insist they are the sparks struck off the Anvil of Destiny by Lug, the Smith of the Gods, as he forges the lightning. Some insist they are Fairy creations, or thickened starlight. Whatever the truth of their origin, the properties of the Crystals are legendary enough. When shattered, the Crystals create a temporary aura of invisibility around the wielder.


Flake of the Eld-Star

The Eld-Star, once the most powerful artifact of the Old Ones, has been shattered for millennia, but memories of its once-awesome might still linger in the Flakes. Like the Star Crystals, they must be shattered to release their power. But the Flakes of the Eld-Star are much mightier than the Star Crystals: they grant temporary invincibility, a power that has been exploited many times by desperate adventurers with no other way to escape a deadly situation.

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