The Cloud Castle – Page 101


Jack uncorks and swigs the Potion of Air Body in one smooth motion.

The potion takes effect almost immediately; Jack feels his body lighten, lighten, lighten … he dissolves into air. Strange magical currents tug at him like strong breezes. He feels himself turning, then spinning, then roaring like a tornado. The sensation is intoxicating! He has become an Air Elemental, a creature of unstoppable natural force.

Only belatedly does it occur to him that the elements are diametrically opposed, and that Air is best suited to counter Earth, not its own element. And only now does it occur to him how elementals become bigger ….

The Air Elemental dives eagerly forward and swiftly overpowers him with its superior size and strength. As the great whirlwind rips him apart and absorbs his very being, he realizes that at least he will live on in a new form, at least his extinction will come quickly, at least he will not have to live with the awareness that this is …


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