The Cloud Castle – Page 43


Jack draws the Paper Fan from his pouch and opens it.

Suddenly the Fan leaps from his hand and begins to dance in mid-air, drawing the Air Elemental into its substance one wisp of cloudstuff at a time. As the Elemental disperses, a new Gold Dragon gradually appears on the surface of the Fan. With the Elemental gone, the way past the Green Pipe is now clear, although the mighty fan within continues to spin, creating a powerful wind. It will be difficult to cross the Green Pipe, but Jack is confident that his strength is equal to the task.

As he passes over the open shaft, he glances down into the ferociously whirling fan – and notices that in the motionless center, just above the point where the fan attaches to its driveshaft, a keyhole-shaped slot is cut into the metal.

Locate the Paper Fan in the Pouch of Ghrul and adjust the number of Dragons painted on its surface. If the total is now seven, then the surface of the Fan is full. Jack will not be able to defeat another Air Elemental this way unless he can first release some of the energy stored in the Fan.

Does Jack have the Silver Key? If he does, turn to 150.

If not, turn to 2.