The Cloud Castle – Page 55


Beyond the Brass Door, Jack enters a room unlike he has seen.

The floor is made of odd metallic decking, except for an open pit into which long chains descend. Mechanical sounds from far below suggest a factory. The walls of the room are covered with strange glowing displays and dark cabinets filled with machinery that hums and whirs.

Strangest of all are three tall columns set in a triangle in the floor. They appear to be made of glass or crystal; each tinted a different color. The columns are filled with liquid or slime, in which float three large brains. The machinery is out of place in this room; the technology looks newer and of a different aesthetic compared to the rest of the room. Jack’s instincts scream “Illithid!” However, one thing is familiar about the columns: at the base of each is an interface shaped like the Keys that Jack possesses. It seems the columns each have an on/off switch.

One column is silver, one iron, and one brass. Does Jack have a key for each?

If Jack has all three Keys: Silver, Iron, and Brass, turn to 67.

If Jack does not have all three Keys, there is nothing more he can do here. However, he can explore the other rooms that lead off from the Equipment Room.

If Jack has the Silver Key, he may enter the Silver Door. Turn to 3.

If Jack has the Iron Key, he may enter the Iron Door. Turn to 29.

If Jack has already explored all three rooms, he should return to the Hall of Lava. Turn to 15.