The Cloud Castle – Page 67


Jack inserts the keys at the bases of the columns one at a time and twists the keys.

Each column goes dark. The fluid inside stops circulating and the brains descend into a limp pile at the bottom of each column. All around him, the humming sounds of computation and the whirring, grinding, clanking sounds of machinery stop. Jack listens to the silence for a long time, elation building in his heart. The factories are silent! The machinery that powered the Inferno Shafts, Tornado Shafts, and Psi-Mech factories has shut down. It seems Jack has defeated the castle itself.

Now all that remains is to finish off the castle’s Giant master!

If Jack has the Silver Key, he may enter the Silver Door. Turn to 3.

If Jack has the Iron Key, he may enter the Iron Door. Turn to 29.

If Jack has already explored all three rooms, he should return to the Hall of Lava. Turn to 15.