The Cloud Castle – Page 03


The Silver Door opens into a room with a gleaming silver floor.

A huge vessel of some kind – Jack cannot tell if it is meant to swim under the water or fly through the void of space – occupies most of the chamber. How it got into the room or how it could ever leave is a mystery beyond his comprehension.

Giant Eyeballs hover around the ship; they turn at Jack’s entrance and peer at him with evident curiosity. However, they make no move to attack as he examines the ship.

The door to the ship is locked and Jack cannot find any way in. The ship will have to remain a mystery, although it may be worth noting in his Journal. There are three large treasure chests at the edge of the room; they contain 3,000 Silver Coins. The Eyeballs watch silently as Jack shovels the coins into the Pouch of Ghrul. There is nothing else of note in the room.

Add the following to Jack’s Journal: In the Silver Room of the Cloud Castle is a mysterious ship. I cannot imagine how it got there.

Add 3,000 Silver Coins to the Pouch of Ghrul.

If Jack has the Iron Key, he may enter the Iron Door. Turn to 29.

If Jack has the Brass Key, he may enter the Brass Door. Turn to 55.

If Jack has already explored all three rooms, he should return to the Hall of Lava. Turn to 15.