The Cloud Castle – Page 22


“Ah, well. The Skull of Count Fearlonn is, in my opinion, a much more valuable tool for hunting the undead. However, I am pleased to find you possessed of the proper spirit, at least.”

He lifts the Wand to pass it to Jack, and only now does the warrior notice that Monkfish grips the weapon with a rag wrapped around the handle and seems to avoid contact with the head. Before Jack can comment, the Professor slaps the Wand’s head into Jack’s open hand. The shock of contact – the prickle of powerful magic – startles Jack. This artifact is mighty, indeed. He dismisses his thoughts of a moment before; perhaps the Professor is merely sensitive to arcane auras.

Jack pays over the Silver Coins asked by Monkfish and holds the weapon aloft, admiring the radiant sheen of the Moon-Silver.

“Beautiful, no?” Monkfish asks. Jack nods in silent, awe-struck agreement.

“You have Wand and Spike, now, my friend – you are well on your way to a full complement of hunter’s equipment. Care to add the finishing touch to your armory?” He lifts the gilded Skull again.

“I would rather examine your offering of potions,” says Perilous Jack. Turn to 4.

“Very well. Let me have a look at the Skull,” says Perilous Jack. Turn to 33.

“No, thanks. I really ought to be going,” says Perilous Jack. Turn to 64.