The Cloud Castle – Page 04


Professor Monkfish lowers the Skull of Count Fearlonn in disappointment.

“Very well,” he mutters. “We are not all born hunters, I suppose.”

He gestures listlessly at the potions arrayed before Jack. “Go on, then. Buy what you like.” He gazes at the Skull in his lap while Jack examines the offerings, tracing the socket of an eye with his fingertip.

The Professor’s prices are very low, Jack notes – and oddly, he will only accept Silver Coins as payment. “Useful in my trade,” Monkfish murmurs when Jack raises an eyebrow at this.

Once Jack has selected, the Professor accepts his money, still thoughtfully toying with the Skull.

“Are you sure you won’t reconsider?” he asks. “It is a remarkable item, and you’ll never find it’s like again – especially not at this price.”

“I would rather examine the Silver Wand,” says Perilous Jack. Turn to 22.

“Very well, let me try it on,” says Perilous Jack. Turn to 33.

“No, thank you. I must be returning to my task,” says Perilous Jack. Turn to 64.