The Cloud Castle – Page 18


As he was taught, Jack brushes his fingertips across the three red feathers embroidered in the Lorikeet Ribbon.

Suddenly his body is as buoyant as if he were floating in water. He eases himself cautiously off the platform and into the air, half-believing that at any moment the magic will abruptly cease and plunge him into the lava below. Yet the Ribbon functions flawlessly, and Jack quickly finds that he can swim through the air as easily as he would in water. Remembering Hana’s warning that the Ribbon only functions for a few moments at a time, Jack does not indulge his wish to joyously explore his new power, but instead dives for the furthest Green Pipe, which stands alone and well out of reach in the lava pool.

Once through the Warp Portal, Jack finds himself in a small chamber concealed deep in the castle. It is evident that this room was conceived as a hidden vault, for Gold Coins and gems are in plain view. Jack does not doubt that greater treasures wait as well. Before he can speculate further, he is attacked by a swarm of Geists – powerful undead monsters with the ability to paralyze any who suffer the unearthly cold touch of their corrupted flesh. This will be a hard fight!

If Perilous Jack has a Potion of Living Death, he may be able to avoid this fight. Turn to 6.

If Perilous Jack has the Silver Wand, he may use it against the Geists. Turn to 123.

If Perilous Jack has a Fire Flower, he may use it against the Geists. Turn to 93.

If he has none of these items, he may attack with the Rune Sword. Turn to 129.

If you think Perilous Jack is not ready for this fight, turn to 15 and try another option. You may return later when Jack is ready.