The Cloud Castle – Page 93


Perilous Jack swallows the Fire Flower and shudders as the magic takes hold – and not a moment too soon!

The first Geist is nearly upon him, reaching with decaying claws that will paralyze Jack and leave him helpless if he allows them to land upon his flesh. Jack blasts the creature away with a bolt of flame and turns to face the rest. He dares not show mercy or caution; he flings flame left and right, blasting Geists from their perches and setting their moldering clothes aflame. The undead monsters swiftly succumb to the flames, the element they hate and fear more than any other, and in moments Jack stands victorious among the smoldering corpses of the slain. The power of the Fire Flower, exhausted by his furious assault, fades from his body.

Remove a Fire Flower from the Pouch of Ghrul and turn to 54.