The Cloud Castle – Page 129


Perilous Jack draws his Rune Sword and dives at the nearest Geist, raining powerful blows upon the monster’s putrescent flesh.

It takes only an instant to see the error he has made. The Rune Sword is magical, but it is meant for fighting monsters of flesh alone. The Geist is as much spirit as flesh, and the part of it that can be damaged by the edge of a sword is of little importance. Although he hacks and slashes mightily, Jack causes precious little damage to the undead horror. Abandoning his effort, Jack turns back toward the Warp Portal, intending to flee to safety –

– and discovers that he has underestimated more than just his foes’ power. The other Geists, seeing Jack occupied in his futile efforts to slay their companion, have circled around, and dropped behind him, neatly cutting him off from the Warp Portal. Enemies surround him that he cannot slay; Jack suddenly realizes that there is only one way out. His hand dives into his pouch, seeking the Flake of the Eld-Star. The magical invincibility granted by the Flake may buy him the time he needs to fight his way out of the room . . . but even as his hand closes on the Flake, he feels the icy touch of a Geist’s fingers upon his throat. His body stiffens instantly. He can feel the sharp edges of the Flake bite into his fingers even as his hand and arm are paralyzed.

Unable to move, he cannot resist as the Geists drain him of his life-energy. The Cloud Giant and his alien allies will go on to spread the darkness of the Nightcrystal over all Malkat, but this will not matter to Perilous Jack. Soon he will be a Geist, a monster indistinguishable from those that have slain him. For him, this is . . .


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