The Cloud Castle – Page 160


Jack holds his ground and uses the Fire Gargoyles’ ravenous nature against them, forcing them to come at him individually through the narrow spaces between the blocks.

In this way he swiftly dispatches the lot and joins the Lorikeet woman on her perch. Her name is Samira, and she wastes not an instant in celebration.

“Jack, Thamina is here, too. I heard her earlier – there on that shelf!”

Jack follows the direction of her urgently pointing finger. She points to the shelf of steel blocks projecting from the wall. A Green Pipe rises from the end of the shelf, forming a natural partition from the larger chamber. A flock of Perilisks wheels and fights among themselves near the entrance to the alcove. Jack leaves Samira near the entrance Red Pipe, in the relative protection of the clustered steel blocks, and advances toward the alcove.

The Perilisks, seeing his approach, scream among themselves and prepare to dive. Jack flings the Dancing Dagger of Danzibar at the nearest and dodges a second, leaping to the safety of the sheltered pillars where the bird-creatures cannot strike at him. In this way, by picking them off one at a time from a place of shelter, Jack is again able to defeat a much larger force. With the Perilisks defeated, Jack sheathes the Dancing Dagger and draws the Rune Sword, preparing to leap for the Green Pipe that partitions the alcove. Suddenly Samira cries out.

“Jack, be careful! The Green Pipe is an Inferno Shaft! It contains a creature of fire!” Even as she speaks a terrific roar like the voice of a blazing fire echoes from the Green Pipe and a pillar of flame leaps forth. The flame stabilizes and settles into the shape of a humanoid with hair of fire – a huge Fire Elemental! Jack must defeat the Fire Elemental to proceed.

If he has the Dragon Scale Shield, turn to 5.

If he has the Shield of Balance, turn to 21.

If he has the Sooty Scimitar, turn to 48.

If he has a Barrel of Dirt, turn to 95.

If he has Alton’s Unknown Potion, turn to 162.

Otherwise, turn to 138.