The Cloud Castle – Page 05


The five Dragon races are mortal enemies, yet there are certain harmonies among them.

Each race is equipped to do battle with a single, most-hated enemy. Thus, the Fire Dragons are best equipped to battle the Frost Dragons, and the Frosts to battle the Cobalts, and so on. This shield, forged of Fire and Frost Dragon Scales, will absorb ice and cold-related magic, and release the energy again in the form of heat – or vice versa! This makes it particularly effective against Frost Dragons and other winter creatures or against Fire Dragons and other volcano-dwellers.

Fearghal the Dwarf spoke these words when he forged the Dragon Scale Shield for Jack, and they echo in his mind now as he braces to do battle with the Fire Elemental. The magic of the shield proves invaluable when the Elemental launches his first attach. A sizzling Ray of Flame that should have left Jack a scorched pile of dust instead soaks into the magic shield, charging it with power. Jack discharges the power in a blast of frost magic that instantly slays the Elemental.

“I wish you could be here to see this, Fearghal,” Jack whispers, patting the shield – carefully!

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