The Cloud Castle – Page 79


With the Fire Elemental slain, Perilous Jack pauses to examine the Green Pipe for signs of a Warp Portal.

However, the Green Pipe contains only a machine, fueled by the lava that circulates throughout the Castle, designed to produce Fire Elementals. Jack realizes that he will not be able to linger long before the Inferno Shaft has built up sufficient power again to create another Elemental guardian.

Across a sea of leaping flames, he spies Thamina, clinging to a tiny shelf of steel projecting over the flames. Jack tries to shout and gesture to the woman to stay where she is, but the roar of the flames and the dancing heat waves render his efforts useless. Seeing that the Fire Elemental is gone, Thamina crouches – and performs an astonishing leap, clearing the flames as if she too wore Seven League Boots. She lands on the edge of the Green Pipe, nearly dislodging Jack into the Inferno Shaft, and the warrior catches her in his arms.

Beneath them the Inferno Shaft begins its first coughing attempts to ignite the pillar of flame that will shape the body of the new Elemental. Even as the first gout of flame erupts from the mouth of the Shaft, Jack and Thamina leap away, hand in hand.

The warrior and the Lorikeet woman rejoin Samira, who waits anxiously by the entrance. Jack ensures that both women are armed with weapons from his pouch and careful instructions on how best to flee the castle. The women leave together – and now Jack has choices to make.

Remove two spare weapons from the Pouch of Ghrul. If he has Giant’s Bane or Storm Fist, he’ll need it to face the Giant – so don’t give it away! If he has already given Samira the WhipTail Bow and WrackDance Arrows, then only remove one more weapon for Thamina.

Make sure to check off the rescued Lorikeets’ names on the list in Jack’s Journal.

Turn to 15.