The Cloud Castle – Page 138


Jack approaches the Fire Elemental, unsure how best to proceed.

The gap between the platform and the Green Pipe is wide, and there is nowhere to land but in the grasp of the Elemental’s flaming arms. He could use the Dancing Dagger to distract it and hope for the best …?

Suddenly he notices Thamina beckoning at him to stop. He hesitates and peers through the haze and smoke to decipher her hand signals – the noise of the flames is too great to hear her. She gestures, sweeping her hand straight out from the level of her eyes … Jack frowns, then suddenly understands! Look straight ahead, she is saying!

He peers across the gap toward the Green Pipe and thinks … maybe … he sees something. Yes! To be sure, he knocks his boots together, dislodging some dried mud, and flings it at the vague shape he detected. It is a solitary invisible block hovering near the side of the Green Pipe!

Standing on the block, Jack finds his position much improved. Now he can leap, strike, and land safely out of the Elemental’s reach. He flings the Dancing Dagger of Danzibar, and the magic dagger keeps the Elemental occupied between leaps and stabs of the Rune Sword. In moments, the Elemental is slain!

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