The Cloud Castle – Page 42


Perilous Jack sets forward again, deeper into the low hall.

On an overhead platform he discovers another pair of steel chests, containing Silver Coins and a coiled leather whip that crackles with flame when flourished.

Two Green Pipes project from the ceiling. He approaches the first with caution, and well that he did, for just as Aamina warned, a monstrous Red Centipede occupies the shaft. The rustle and click of the creature’s carapace warns him in time, so that his sword is in hand and ready to thrust when the beast’s mandibles emerge from the shaft. He strikes the head from the creature – remembering as he does to be cautious when he leaps to the floor again, for the heads of the great Centipedes do not die quickly, and many a warrior has met his doom in the mandibles of a monster he thought slain.

The second Green Pipe is another Construct factory. He grinds his teeth in frustration – he wants to put an end to the production of the Constructs, not skip past them as if in fear. There is nothing to be done – perhaps during his exploration he will find a way to disable the factory; barring that he will have to carve the secret out of the Giant.

He drops to the floor again, where he is faced with a choice. A low partition divides the hall, beyond which he cannot see what may lie in wait. Projecting from the part of the partition facing him is a large Green Pipe, with a swirling milky Warp Portal in the center. The Portal could take him anywhere – deeper in the castle or far away from it.

As he stands musing on these matters, the Warp Portal suddenly blossoms into color and releases a huge, dog-like creature the size of a horse. Flames play about the stout fangs projecting from its long, hyena-like muzzle, and its mottled red and black coat radiates heat. It is a Hell Hound – and it is upon him!

Add 250 Silver and the Flame Whip to the Pouch of Ghrul.

If Jack possesses the Cloak Wizard’s Spell Book, turn to 155.

If not, turn to 76.