The Cloud Castle – Page 155


The Hell Hounds, creatures of the fires of the Inferno, are every bit as dangerous as any Winter Wolf, though their powers are opposed.

Fighting two at once will be difficult indeed, unless he draws upon the resources in the Pouch of Ghrul. But he has been friends with Dark Simon, a wizard of the enigmatic Order of the Cloak, long enough to know that one thing their cabal excels at is diabolism. Perhaps the Hell Hounds can be commanded by the magic of the Cloak!

Jack draws the Spell Book from his Pouch, thinking he might be able to hold off the beasts long enough with the Rune Sword to find a countercharm in the book. Instead, the book leaps from his hands and hovers in the air above him, igniting in crimson fury!

The effect is immediate and profound. Recognizing the power-source of the diabolists who summon and command them, the Hell Hounds immediately halt their charge. Then, compounding Jack’s astonishment, they turn tail and flee back into the Warp Portal! The Cloak Wizards have a reputation for their cruelty, which evidently extends to the Halls of Hell itself.

Jack considers his options. Over the partition and forward may lead to a Pipe or ladder connecting to the next level of the castle. Or the Warp Portal may be a shortcut. Then again, the Warp Portal may lead to Hell itself ….

If you think Jack should leap over the partition and continue further into the low hall, turn to 112.

If you think he should investigate the Warp Portal that brought the Hell Hounds, turn to 60.