The Cloud Castle – Page 31


“A connoisseur,” Harkaway proclaims.

“Alright, I’ll tell ye about my special menu. First up is old Clothes-Horse here.” He slaps the chest again. “Empty, of course, unless ye want to buy up all the finery inside. 10 Diamonds and he’s yers; I’ll tell ye the secret of hiding him in yer cloak. Very useful!”

He draws a wooden shield from the chest. “Or how about this Harlequin Shield? Crafted by the finest illusionists in the Cloud Kingdom. This baby’ll dazzle yer enemies, blind and hypnotize ‘em, fascinate and fustigate until they don’t know which way yer coming from! And finally, a personal favorite – the Potion of Lordliness. No money fer finery? No time to change? No problem! Just guzzle a dose of this and ye’ll be decked like a prince – furs, silks, gems, ye name it! Lasts for hours – long enough to dance the night away with a fine princess at a royal ball, then gallop off with her into the night! What say ye?”

Captain Hank Harkaway’s Haberdashery

Boutique Booty for the Couture-Conscious Corsair


Clothes-Horse: 10 Diamonds

Harlequin Shield: 20 Diamonds

Potion of Lordliness: 5 Diamonds

“Of course,” said Harkaway almost shyly, “If you don’t have enough Diamonds, you can always substitute PowaShrooms or Fire Flowers.”

The Harlequin Shield looks like a perfectly ordinary wooden shield painted in garish colors.

When Jack is done making his purchases, turn to 15. Make sure you log his purchases on the Equipment Sheet.

If Jack purchases Clothes-Horse, he may choose to open and use the chest immediately. Turn to 144.