The Cloud Castle – Page 144


Jack is excited about his new purchase and, as Captain Harkaway passes him the key, it seems the magic chest Clothes-Horse is excited too, for it wriggles like a puppy!

Jack smiles – until he unlocks the chest and Clothes-Horse smiles back! This is no treasure chest, it is a Mimic, a monster able to change its shape to resemble ordinary objects. Jack is entirely unprepared, and staggers back almost into the grasp of the carnivorous Death Blossom behind him. The hungry Mimic takes advantage of this opportunity to chomp down on his leg, disabling him. Jack meets the gaze of Captain Hank Harkaway, hoping to find aid, but all he sees is the pirate captain’s huge grin.

“Ye’ll make fine meat for my pet,” the pirate says, drawing his saber and advancing on Jack. “And yer equipment will make fine new merchandise for the next idiot.”

Harkaway runs Jack through with his saber and leaves the body for Clothes-Horse to tear and worry like a wolf.


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