The Cloud Castle – Page 146


When Jack shows Sela-Ffionath his shield, she immediately shakes her head.

“This will never do, Jack. The Giant is a powerful wizard; his magic will cut straight through a lesser shield.”

She glances up at the Princess, who is busily rooting through heaps of treasure. “Dear Princess, have you found a large yellow Diamond among the treasures there? It would be the color of the sun and radiate pleasing warmth.”

Vasilisa digs through the treasure and produces the stone in a moment. When Sela-Ffionath has it in hand, she regards it fondly, and then passes it over to Jack.

“A Sun Stone,” she says. “It is a Diamond which has been cultivated by mages of my clan to capture and store the sun’s rays.” She takes a common shield from the piles of treasure scattered about the room and brushes the surface of the steel with her fingertips, whispering soft commands in the Elvish tongue. The metal softens in her hands and a hollow depression opens in the center, into which she inserts the Sun Stone. At her command, the steel shield regains its solidity, taking on a rich golden hue which mirrors the glow of the magic stone.

“Bear this into battle, and you need have no fear of the Giant’s magic,” the Elf woman says. “Now, what of your weapon? How will you slay the Giant?”

Move the shield from Jack’s left hand slot into the Pouch of Ghrul and replace it with the Sun Shield.

If Jack has the hammer Storm Fist, turn to 102.

If Jack has the sword Giant’s Bane, turn to 14.

If Jack only has the Rune Sword, turn to 141.