The Cloud Castle – Page 141


Jack flourishes the Rune Sword. “I have my trusty blade, which has won me through many a challenge.”

Sela-Ffionath shakes her head ruefully. “This will never do. The Giant is a powerful magician. No warrior can stand against him without a proper weapon.”

She glances up at the Princess, who is busily rooting through heaps of treasure. “Dear Princess, have you found a wand among the treasures there? The shaft would be Emerald, with a carven stone at the tip shaped like the head of a grinning genie, which shines with many colors at once.”

Vasilisa pokes her head over the side of the platform and smiles a little sheepishly. “I put it in the Pouch already. Does it belong to you?”

Sela-Ffionath nods sternly, and the girl produces the wand in a moment. When Sela-Ffionath has it in hand, she regards it fondly, and then passes it over to Jack.

“It is a Wand of Wonder,” she says. “An artifact of pure Chaos. Use it with care, Jack. Every time you evoke the power of the Wand, the effect will be different, and entirely unpredictable. I cannot say how many charges are left in the Wand, so be sure that you time your strokes wisely.” She considers for a moment. “Maybe best not to wield a shield alongside the Wand. You may wish to be fast on your feet and ready to dodge – as I said, the Wand is unpredictable.”

She uses the tip of the wand to trace a strange word in the dust on the floor. “Memorize this, but do not speak it out loud. This is the command word that will activate the Wand of Wonder.”

Jack reads the word ‘Camliax’ in the dust and nods his understanding.

“I wish I had a better weapon to offer you,” says Seal-Ffionath. “But I am confident in the will of the Gods. Good fortune to you.”

Jack accepts the powerful Wand with a grateful nod and salutes the young Princess. “If I do not return, get yourself to safety,” he admonishes her.

Tucking the Wand of Wonder into his belt, Perilous Jack begins the ascent up the Beanstalk, toward the roof of the castle and his confrontation with the Cloud Giant.

Roll a six-sided die and add 4 to the result. This is the number of charges remaining in the Wand of Wonder. Move the weapon in Jack’s right hand slot to the Pouch of Ghrul and replace it with the Wand of Wonder. Note the number of charges remaining and turn to 125.