The Cloud Castle – Page 125


The Beanstalk passes through a gap in the room’s ceiling and continues through a narrow shaft for several more feet.

Jack can feel the night air on his face even before the Beanstalk emerges from the shaft and into the bitter cold outside the Cloud Castle. Jack leaps lightly to his feet and braces himself against the wind, peering into the darkness of deep night. He is on the roof of the Giant’s steel castle, a castle upon a cloud, so high above the ground he dares not contemplate it. To think how far he would fall should he plummet from this height … it is unimaginable.

In one direction, across the open shaft and past the Beanstalk that grows through it, Jack sees only darkness. Even the magical darkvision granted him by Serra the True can barely penetrate the supernatural night enveloping the Plateau of the Endless. In the other direction, he can faintly perceive a steadily flickering yellow glow. Perhaps it is a vagary of the wind, but he thinks he hears the outraged cry of an Eagle from the direction of the yellow glow.

Remembering Sela-Ffionath’s admonition, he grips his weapon more tightly and sets off toward the yellow glow.

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