The Cloud Castle – Page 128


Past another set of flame-vanes he leaps to a CacheStone suspended over a pool of lava inhabited by Fire Elementals.

There is no time to open the CacheStones with his StarSteel Hammer. Hovering in the air near the roof of the chamber is a huge Firedrake, which dives to attack as soon as he appears. Jack defends himself with the magical hammer Storm Fist, which continues to glow with the radiance of the Sun Shield.

As with the Pyrohydra, the Firedrake seems strangely lacking in power; it does not wield its fearsome breath weapon or any of the magic for which its race is known. After Storm Fist scores a few successful hits augmented by the Sun Shield, the Firedrake flees into the next chamber.

As the monster disappears between a pair of flame-vanes, Jack catches another confusing glimpse – for an instant it seems it is the Giant who flees, not a winged reptile.

Turn to 75.