The Cloud Castle – Page 75


Jack pursues the wounded creature – whether Firedrake or Giant – past a pair of flame-vanes and into the next chamber.

The creature eludes him, disappearing into a tangle of Red Pipes which project from ceiling, wall, and floor. Some of the Red Pipes are broken and spill lava into pools on the floor, evidence that they are part of the castle’s circulatory system. A host of Fire Gargoyles mill about, wheeling and diving through the lava streaming from the broken Pipes.

Noticing his entrance, the first pair of Gargoyles dives to the attack. Jack quickly hammers his way through their stone bodies, and then uses the membrane of a Gargoyle’s wing as a makeshift cloak to protect him from the lava pouring from the broken Pipes. Thus protected, he makes his way through the chamber, dodging Gargoyles more often than fighting them, always with his mind on his fleeing quarry.

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