The Cloud Castle – Page 126


After dodging a pair of rotating flame-vanes, Jack finds himself in a narrow chamber hung with huge rusty chains.

The chains extend from a gap in the ceiling all the way to a gap in the floor, where they disappear into darkness. From the gap in the floor, he can hear the clangor of machinery. Several Goblins scramble up and down the chain, covered with grease and soot, a few wielding tools or adorned with utility belts. Most simply ignore him; a few Goblins stop to stare and then hustle away when he draws near. It is clear they are not interested in fighting. Jack has heard that many Goblins have an innate facility with certain mechanical tasks and are sometimes employed or enslaved by Dwarves for that purpose. Clearly these are maintenance workers, set by the Giant to keep the machinery of his castle functioning. Jack ignores the creatures and continues on his way.

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