The Cloud Castle – Page 117


As the first glimmer of magic power dances at the fingertips of the Emerald Guardian, Perilous Jack draws the Flake of the Eld-Star from his pouch.

Although the crystal Flake appears solid as a Diamond, it takes only the application of Jack’s will and a twist of his wrists to shatter the artifact into pieces.

A brilliant shower of sparkling red motes erupts from the center of the shattered Flake, swiftly settling over Jack like a shroud just as the Emerald Guardian unleashes her first assault.

He leaps from the Green Pipe, landing on a block below him, only to greet a fusillade of explosive fireballs, which detonate around him in showers of emerald flame. The aura granted by the Flake of the Eld-Star holds firm, however, granting him complete – albeit temporary – immunity to magical attack. He dashes forward, leaping from block to block, dodging green fireballs and Crimson Slimes.

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