The Cloud Castle – Page 153


The lava pooled on the floor suddenly takes on an emerald hue, as do the Crimson Slimes clinging to blocks hovering throughout the chamber.

Even through the protection afforded by the Flake of the Eld-Star, Jack can feel the extraordinary power of the Emerald Guardian swelling, filling the chamber.

He leaps to the next block, and the Emerald Guardian unleashes her most devastating weapon, a ray of emerald energy sufficient to melt the steel block on which he stands. Still the Flake protects him, and he is unscathed by her terrible magic. He leaps away, is struck again by her destructive ray, and with another bound, he is free.

A sheet of lava pours from a Green Pipe in the ceiling, forming a natural wall to the chamber. Protected by the Flake of the Eld-Star, Jack flies straight through the lava, ignoring its deadly heat. A huge, clawed arm reaches for him from the pool, but he flies on, oblivious.

Turn to 111.