The Cloud Castle – Page 110


In the next chamber Jack is assailed by a horde of Fire Skeletons, who pour out of Red Pipes set in the ceiling.

Though the unique enchantment animating the skeletal warriors includes a fair amount of fire resistance, the Fire Skeletons’ defenses are no match for the terrific heat pouring off the Sun Shield. Many of the skeletons who draw near enough to strike at Jack are burst apart by the aura of his magical shield, and the rest are easily knocked to bits with thunderous blows from Storm Fist.

A glance up at the Red Pipes in the ceiling is enough to convince Jack that they are not escape routes for the fleeing Giant – each Red Pipe is packed with scarlet bones, which wriggle one by one from the mass of their fellows and assemble themselves into new skeleton warriors. They are magical factories of the undead, not transportation channels. Perilous Jack passes on into the next chamber.

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