The Cloud Castle – Page 10


Perilous Jack emerges into a small, stiflingly hot chamber, the floor of which is covered with venomous-looking red spikes.

Three Red Pipes – the first he has seen in this place – emerge from the lava, in addition to the Green Pipe on which he stands. Another Green Pipe projects from the wall in the upper corner of the room. It is clearly a machine Pipe, for even as he emerges a Blue Psi-Mech is deposited on the platform below the Green Pipe in the wall, freshly assembled by the Castle factory. A third Green Pipe projects from the ceiling directly overhead, which Jack can see is closed off by a field of magical force unlike anything he has ever seen. The Red Pipe nearest to him is capped with an unusual hatch which incorporates a large, elaborate lock.

As Jack prepares to do battle with the Psi-Mechs, suddenly enemies appear at the lip of each of the unlocked Red Pipes projecting from the floor, brought here by the Warp Portals concealed in the Shafts. From the central Shaft emerges a Fire Skeleton, an undead creature unique for its ability to tolerate fire, for its rock-hard bones are magically infused with the element. From the furthest Shaft emerges a Dragon Man, one of a rare and fabulous race rarely encountered in the North.

Jack cannot enter the Green Pipe overhead or the Red Pipe in front of him.

If you think he should enter the Red Pipe guarded by the Fire Skeleton, turn to 58.
If you think he should enter the Red Pipe guarded by the Dragon Man, turn to 71.