The Cloud Castle – Page 71


After defeating the Dragon Man, Perilous Jack passes through the Warp Portal the creature guarded and finds himself in a small chamber.

A row of four Green Pipes lines the ceiling and a pool of lava occupies nearly half the floor, over which floats a small platform of FloatSteel blocks. Another platform, occupied by a single steel treasure chest, floats directly overhead. Even as Jack enters the room, venomous red Giant Centipedes emerge from three of the Green Pipes – but the fourth is not empty either.

The sound of an active Warp Portal echoes through the chamber, and suddenly half a dozen Dragon Men pour through the fourth Green Pipe and immediately attack Jack.

Because the platforms are so narrow, the Dragon Men can only attack in pairs, which works to Jack’s advantage. He flings the Dancing Dagger of Danzibar to engage the pair on the FloatSteel platform above the lava while engaging the nearer two with the Rune Sword. While he is occupied parrying claw-strokes with his sword, the Dagger drives one Dragon Man off his perch and into the lava and attacks the second so ferociously that he leaps away – and into the mandibles of a Red Centipede.

The Dagger is faring better than Jack! The Dragon Men have long arms tipped with steel-hard claws, and more than once they succeed in batting aside the Rune Sword and scoring Jack’s armor with spark-kicking blows. But they are crowded on the small platform, and Jack has an idea. He beckons to the Dagger, and it turns to harry the rear Dragon Man. Distracted, he turns and jostles his comrade. Jack takes this opportunity to rush them both and knock them off the platform into the lava! The two Dragon Men who just entered, seeing how swiftly Jack and the Dancing Dagger dispatched their fellows, think better of it, and return through the Warp Portal.

For the moment, Jack is free to explore the chamber.

The three occupied Green Pipes in the ceiling contain only the giant Centipedes, who seem quite content to remain in their burrows and wait for Jack to draw near. Only the fourth Green Pipe contains a Warp Portal.

Jack slays the pair of Centipedes who guard the treasure chest, in which he discovers a fine collection of gems. There is nothing left to see here; the bodies of the Dragon Men reveal no clues as to their origin.

Add 10 Diamonds and 3 Emeralds to the Pouch of Ghrul.

If you think Jack should investigate the Portal in the upper corner of the room, turn to 74.

If he hasn’t already, Jack can return to the Spike Room and investigate the Red Pipe guarded by the Fire Skeletons. Turn to 58.