The Plateau of the Endless – Page 99


Plateau (99)


Up and up climbs Perilous Jack, until it seems sure that his strength will fail, that the air will become so thin he can no longer breathe it, that he will climb until the cold flame of the stars sears his flesh.

At last, he passes through a final stratum of cloud and reaches another TowaShroom forest – and this time, a great castle of steel looms over all. Jack dismounts the Beanstalk – ‘falls’ would be a better word – and lands upon a high TowaShroom, overlooking a drainage pipe that will likely provide access to the castle.


There is no time to rest, however . . . the TowaShrooms around him are swarming with foes!


This is the end of Volume Three: Perilous Jack and the Plateau of the Endless. Continue the adventure in Volume Four: Perilous Jack and the Cloud Castle.