The Plateau of the Endless – Page 98


Plateau (98)

All around him, Ghost after Ghost appears, until they fill the air. 

Jack recognizes numerous races dressed in the tattered costume of many ages, hearkening back to before the memory of men.

The first Ghost draws near. “You have entered the Eye of Val-Kann, built eons ago by a mad wizard devoted to chaos. The Warp Portals lead to one of four destinations – two rooms deep in the earth below the Plateau of the Endless, a Flying Island far to the south, and this lonely outpost in Winter’s Palace. Once you have entered the Eye, the thirteen Warp Portals scattered among these locations will only connect to each other. There is only one way out – Death.”

Jack does not want to believe, but finds he does. Still . . . “how do you know this?” he demands.

The Ghost hangs his head in grief.

“I am Val-Kann.”




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