The Plateau of the Endless – Page 91


Plateau (91)

Perilous Jack turns away and considers his options.

Watching the Silver Man to see if he reacts, Jack strikes the nearby CacheStones with his StarSteel Hammer, but receives only a pair of StarSteel coins. There is no help here. In the darkness, he cannot tell if any creature might be near – a patrol of goblins from distant Goblin Mountain, or a wandering ogre he could ambush for his gems. He suspects that between the guardianship of the Silver Man and the proximity of the Dragon, there will be few such opportunities in this part of the Plateau.


Add two StarSteel to the Pouch of Ghrul.


If you think he should attempt to slay the Dragon and take his treasure, turn to 61.

If you think he should start walking in the hopes of encountering a source of gems, turn to 85.

To consult the Map of Sarkis for more options, turn to 77.