The Plateau of the Endless – Page 86


Plateau (86)

Perilous Jack shakes his head no. 

“I am familiar with this trick,” he says. “You seek only to drown me, as your kind drowns sailors in the open sea. I will not kiss you, but I will fight you if you will not let me pass.”

The Mermaid speaks not a word in reply; she only smiles widely at him. Then wider and wider still, revealing a mouth filled with blunt yellow fangs that look horribly suited for crushing flesh. Her beautiful flowing green hair falls away, revealing a hard carapace beneath. Her tail splits into dozens of writhing tentacles like the limbs of a jellyfish and the rest of her body completes its transformation into a huge crab-like monster with powerful claws. She has revealed her true shape – that of a terrible Sea Troll!


Does Jack have the Coral Sword? If so, turn to 14.

If not, turn to 46.