The Plateau of the Endless – Page 80


Plateau (80)

“A Cat’s Eye!” Agolozzagheridolihaabilzoloakengheri cries, and immediately feigns disinterest.

“I like those well enough. Give it to me.”

Jack conceals a smile. “Where did you say –?”

“I didn’t. Give me the Cat’s Eye.”

Jack passes over the Cat’s Eye, and the Dragon rolls it back and forth in his claws, eyes sparkling. “I haven’t eaten one of these in ages,” he mutters.

“If the Cloud Giant has any more, I will gladly bring them to you,” Jack hints. “Or perhaps the Pyrohydra has one or two in his lair.”

“Oh, no, the Pyrohydras don’t have anything of interest.” The Dragon sniffs the Cat’s Eye with relish.

“There’s more than one?” Jack asks, dismayed. The Dragon turns his eyes on the warrior with some irritation.

“There are three that I know of, and I know everything that happens on this Plateau. There is the one on Crumbling Peak – it just took over the lair of the Chimaera that used to live there, that Xerxes the Wrestler and his Gigas slave captured. There is one occupying Blackrock Castle – he drove the Dwarves of Clan Oakstump out and into their current lair to the southeast. The third lives on a little island in the middle of the Lake of Razor Eels. As far as Cloud Giants go, I have not a clue. I do not keep track of every cloud that sails over my kingdom. The Dwarves are much more interested in Giants than I am; maybe they know.” He flicks a claw toward the southwest.

“My thanks, lord,” Jack says, bowing and backing away.

“You’ll need Emeralds to get past the Silver Man,” the Dragon says, gazing at the Cat’s Eye again. “And if you can steal any Cat’s Eyes from the Dwarves, make sure you bring them here.”

“Willingly, my lord,” Jack says. When he is certain the Dragon has lost interest in him, he turns himself toward the southwest and sets a hard pace. He will not rest until he knows he is free of the Dragon’s territory.


Remove the Cat’s Eye Stone from the Pouch of Ghrul.


Add the following to Jack’s Journal: There are three Pyrohydras on the Plateau, one on Crumbling Peak, one at Blackrock Castle, and a third at the Lake of Razor Eels. The Dwarves to the southwest may know more; I will need Emeralds to get past . . . the Silver Man? A guardian, perhaps?


To consult the Map of Sarkis for more options, turn to 77.

Or he can continue southwest to visit the Dwarves. Turn to 25.