The Plateau of the Endless – Page 78


Plateau (78)

The GreenShaft deposits him in another cavern.

He groans at the sight – is there no escape? He drags and falls down another flight of massive stone steps. His last Healing Potion is gone, drunk hours ago, and his mouth burns with thirst again. How deep has he come? He thinks he must be near the center of the world.

At the bottom of the stairs, he encounters a stunning sight – a massive Airship, intact in the bottom of the cave. It is like a ship in a bottle – a seeming impossibility. Equally startling is the ship’s freight – massive piles of glittering gold ingots and coins, sparkling gems, masterful works of art, jewelry, weapons, armor, tapestries . . . the mightiest Kings of Malkat have never dreamed of such wealth.

And there – at the bottom of the staircase – a GreenShaft. From the aperture of the GreenShaft radiates the soft telltale light of a Warp Portal. There can be no doubt – this is the way out. And the Pouch of Ghrul, enchanted to be larger on the inside than the outside, can easily accommodate a massive amount of this treasure without bursting or weighing Jack down.

Alas, his strength is gone. Ten feet from the exit, with enough treasure in arm’s reach to live like a King the rest of his life, Jack collapses. His corpse is hours cold when the Dwarves of Oakstump Hall come upon him. They leave him as they find him, a warning to thieves.


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