The Plateau of the Endless – Page 76


Plateau (76)

Together Jack and the Dwarf prisoners rally for a powerful assault against the Giant Lizardmen. 

With a single shout ringing from their many throats, they shatter the line held by the guards and quickly slaughter the survivors, stripping their weapons and cell keys. The ragtag gang of warriors marauds down the long corridor to the solitary chamber where Colonel Firebrand noted their equipment.

As Colonel Firebrand hinted, the room is filled nearly to the ceiling with treasure – piles of coins and gems, arms and armor, rich housewares and tapestries, bottles of potion and oil, fine wines and rare liquors, tools and machinery of war. The equipment taken from the prisoners – Dwarven axes and breastplates for the most part, as well as a huge flame-red axe, which can only belong to Colonel Firebrand – lies at the top of the heap, alongside Jack’s own armor, sword belt, and pouch.

The Dwarves quickly rearm themselves, hastily shoveling as much treasure into their pouches as they can. Jack follows suit, adding considerable wealth to his store. When the gang is ready, they surge forth again, determined to fight their way through every corridor of the dungeon and rescue the rest of the Eglantier Crest.


Add 3 StarSteel, 500 Gold, 1000 Silver, 10 Emeralds, 7 Rubies, and 3 Diamonds to the Pouch of Ghrul. Move the Mithril Sword to the Pouch and restore Jack’s previous weapon to his right hand.


If Jack purchased the Clay Shield from Alton Falconfury, turn to 17.

If not, turn to 88.