The Plateau of the Endless – Page 75


Plateau (75)

The left-hand GreenShaft contains a glowing Warp Portal, which gives Jack the briefest pause for concern. 

Warp Portals can lead anywhere – anywhere at all. Still, it is his best guess. He dives in and emerges at the top of another GreenShaft.

His heart sinks. There can be no doubt that he is very far away from the chamber he just left a moment ago – the sky is clear and dazzling, the air thin, the wind cold and strong. Above him soar TowaShrooms in profusion and around him swirl thin, wispy clouds. There can be little doubt that he is in the Cloud Kingdom . . . somewhere.

The Warp Portal below him is dark and useless. There is no going back this way. In the distance, he perceives a staircase of huge blocks. And behind him . . . he turns and his stomach turns over. He was right to think himself atop a cloud somewhere. Behind him, the world drops away into dizzying sky and seas of cloud. Grimly he heads for the staircase.

Beneath the stairs is another set of shafts – these are RedShafts, product of a splinter race of the Emerald Dynasty that was driven far from the Mushroom Kingdom in ancient times. This only reinforces the grim reality that he is very far from where he started his quest. He is beginning to regret entering the Burning Castle.

There is no other choice. Beyond the chamber of the RedShafts lies only another dizzying plummet to the invisible earth below.

Each RedShaft contains a Warp Portal, which could go anywhere . . .


If you think Jack should choose the left-hand RedShaft, turn to 96.

If you think Jack should choose the middle RedShaft, turn to 66.

If you think Jack should choose the right-hand RedShaft, turn to 19.

Has Jack been here before? If so, turn to 54.