The Plateau of the Endless – Page 74


Plateau (74)

“Oh, yes,” says Perilous Jack. 

“I’ve slain many Giants in my day. I started with Giants before I moved up to Dragons.”

The Dwarf King eyes him sidelong. “Don’t ye think ye’ve got that backward, lad? I’ve always found the old Giants to be a bit more hassle than any Dragon. Bein’ older and more competent in magic, I mean.” King Thorson turns and grins at him. “Yer a liar, lad, and there’s nothin’ I hate worse.” Suddenly the Dwarf raises his Mithril axe to strike.

As the axe falls, Jack has time to reflect that this should come as no surprise – Red Tom is a devout follower of Terminus, God of Intuition and Prophecy, and if anyone could predict Jack’s need for the Giant’s Knucklebones, it would be Red Tom.

But it is too late, because this is . . .




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