The Plateau of the Endless – Page 72


Plateau (72)

Perilous Jack empties 100 of the gold coins he carries in his pouch onto the stones before him.

Agolozzagheridolihaabilzoloakengheri sniffs at the coins and grunts. “Precious little.” He flicks out a long tongue and delicately slurps up a single coin. The Dragon chews speculatively, eyes fixed on the horizon. When he swallows and picks up the second coin, Jack smiles.

“Where did you say –” he begins.

“I didn’t. Ask the Dwarves.” The Dragon flicks his bladed tail toward the southwest.

“My thanks, lord,” Jack says, bowing as he backs away. When he is certain the Dragon has lost interest in him, he turns himself toward the southwest and sets a hard pace. He will not rest until he knows he is free of the Dragon’s territory.


Remove 100 Gold from the Pouch of Ghrul.


To consult the Map of Sarkis for more options, turn to 77.

Or he can continue southwest to visit the Dwarves. Turn to 25.