The Plateau of the Endless – Page 70


Plateau (70)

Perilous Jack, trying to forget the unsettling oddity of his surroundings, says “I’d like to see the unusual offerings.”

“Very well,” says Dr. Darr. From his vest, he draws a metal tablet with a glass or crystal screen set cunningly into the frame. On the screen is displayed an inventory of his more unusual merchandise. Simon leans over Jack’s shoulder to read, and suddenly breaks away with an outraged cry.

“One million gold for the Sphere?” Simon demands.

Dr. Darr chuckles. “A limited time offering. Expires in five minutes.”

“You demanded a hundred times that when the Cloak first approached you and backed out when you saw they had the cash in hand! Why offer it to him now?”

Darr looks at Jack. “Do you have a million gold?”

Jack shrugs. “I can’t afford anything on this list, sorry. Honestly, I don’t know what a Sphere of Ultimate Nullification is and don’t want to know why you have one – or why Simon wants one, for that matter. Too bad about the Aircar, though. Perhaps someday . . .”

Darr chuckles again and puts the tablet away. Jack sees something pass between him and Simon, a dark look, a portentous shake of the head, and thinks that perhaps it is time to be moving on.

“Jack,” says Simon. “Will you give us a moment?” The wizard gestures for Darr to step aside with him, and the two are soon lost in hushed and angry conversation.


Add the following to Jack’s Journal: Dr. Julian Darr has an artifact called the Sphere of Ultimate Nullification. Apparently the Cloak Wizards have been trying to acquire it. I wonder what Dark Simon’s involvement is? He used to be a member of that cult . . .


Both his companions are occupied; Jack has an opportunity to peek into Dr. Darr’s Armory. If you think Jack should take the risk, turn to 5.

Otherwise, Jack can wait for Simon and Darr to finish their conversation and browse Dr. Darr’s standard adventurer’s fare. Turn to 13.

If Jack has already examined Dr. Darr’s standard wares and would prefer to leave Dr. Darr’s Laboratory, turn to 65.