The Plateau of the Endless – Page 66


Plateau (66)

The Warp Portal deposits him in a dark, narrow tunnel. 

He feels the sensation of great weight overhead, suggesting he is deep in the earth. Behind him, the Warp Portal is dark – as before, there is no going back.

At the end of the tunnel is a small chamber similar to the one he left behind in the burning castle – is it possible he has returned to where he began? There are no exits from this chamber save a solitary GreenShaft in the floor containing a Warp Portal. There is no other choice; Jack enters the Warp Portal.


Roll a six-sided die.

If you roll a 1, turn to 35.

If you roll a 2, turn to 10.

If you roll a 3, turn to 48.

If you roll a 4, turn to 81.

If you roll a 5, turn to 27.

If you roll a 6, turn to 63.