The Plateau of the Endless – Page 65


Plateau (65)

Perilous Jack offers the Doctor a warm salute. “I should be on my way,” he says. “My quest awaits.”

Dr. Darr nods and leads Jack and Simon to a chamber deep in his laboratory, where strange mechanical nozzles emit sparkling rays of energy.

“A teleportation chamber,” Darr says. “The pinnacle of the Emeralds’ achievements. It can send you almost anywhere on Malkat – although the calibration is a little tricky. You will need information to guide you across the Plateau, and there are few souls friendly enough in this place to provide it. However, I know a place. You may be able to persuade the dwarves of Oakstump Hall to assist you. I will teleport you near their home.”

The Doctor manipulates the levers and keys of a nearby bank of equipment, and a section of the ray emitters swivel to overlap their energies.

Dr. Darr looks at Jack and Simon. “Ready?”

Simon gives Jack an indecipherable look. “With your permission, Dr. Darr, I would like to remain. Jack, I am sorry. I have business with the Doctor. When we have concluded our business, I will return to the Wizard Council in Saîd. They can help me locate you again, and I can bring you whatever news they may have.”

Jack shrugs. “Suits me. I have always adventured alone, Simon. Doctor, if you will?”

Dr. Darr gestures toward the ray emitters. “Step into the rays; they will whisk you away.”

With a final farewell salute to Dark Simon, Perilous Jack steps into the teleportation ray – and disappears!


Add the following to Jack’s Journal: Dr. Julian Darr possesses an ancient technology that allows him to transport a man anywhere on Malkat!


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