The Plateau of the Endless – Page 59


Plateau (59)

“So yer still breathin!” cries Fearghal as soon as he sees Jack. 

The Dwarf laughs heartily at the warrior’s upraised eyebrow. “Ol’ King Thorson ain’t noted fer his even temper,” the Dwarf elaborates. “Swaggerin’ young warriors like yerself tend t’ get his dander up. But ye must’ve impressed him.”

Jack shows the magical hammer Stormfist to Fearghal, eliciting an appreciative whistle from the Dwarf. “Yer serious about this Giant-huntin’ business, then?”

“I am,” Jack replies.

“Well, then ye’ll be needin’ some good equipment, won’t ye?”


The Dwarf eyes Jack critically. “A shield, fer one. I could forge ye a right proper Giant-bashin’ shield, if ye had some good material on ye for me to work with.”

“What did you have in mind?” Jack asks.

“Well, a hundred pieces of StarSteel would be enough to melt down into a fine shield, useful against magic of every kind. Or if ye had some Dragon scales, I could make a good shield out of them. Ye’d need at least five Scales fer the magic to work. The StarSteel would get ye a better shield, though.”


If Jack has 100 StarSteel pieces, he can give them to Fearghal to make a shield. Turn to 84.

If Jack has Dragon Scales, he can give them to Fearghal to make a shield. Turn to 49.

If he has neither of these, he may still purchase other items from Fearghal. Turn to 28.