The Plateau of the Endless – Page 53


Plateau (53)

Fearghal Notchblade leads Jack on a tour of Oakstump Hall as they wind their way up toward the reception chamber of the Dwarf King. 

They travel up an irregular stairway of FloatStone masonry, past platforms and alcoves built in the walls. Dwarves watch him from the alcoves, and Carrion Creepers raise their tentacled heads at his passing. Enormous bats whisper through the shadow overhead.

In the reception chamber, Jack receives a shock. Towering over them stands a Golem made of solid gold, shaped like the Silver Man above, but even larger. The Golden Man frowns mournfully down at Jack, opening his arms in a disconsolate gesture.

“Cheer up, old man,” the Dwarf cries to the Golden Man. “I’ve a guest here, bringing ‘em to the King.”

The Golden Man utters an inarticulate moan and gestures vaguely with his enormous hands. Fearghal turns to Jack. “Believe it or not, that means he likes you. He don’t say much.”

Together they squeeze past the Golden Man and leap to the next level. Here, discernible by his size and the grandeur of his equipment, stands the Dwarf King.

He stands taller than Jack, and wears armor of purest Mithril. The huge blade of his axe is of the same metal, and shines with dweomer. Behind him stands a massive oak stump, long uprooted from the earth, polished and lacquered to withstand the depredations of time.

“I give you Thorson Oakstump, King of Clan Oakstump,” proclaims Fearghal.


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