The Plateau of the Endless – Page 46


Plateau (46)

Jack knows immediately that he is in real trouble.

Even the simple act of swinging his sword is exceptionally difficult; the water drags at him as if malevolently animated by the will of the Sea Troll herself. She dodges his first blow with expert ease, as light in the water as a feather on the breeze. His second blow connects solidly – more solidly than he intended, as the Rune Sword fails to make so much as a scratch on the preternaturally hard carapace protecting the Sea Troll’s shoulder. Jack recovers for another blow, this time aimed at the softer joints in the Sea Troll’s body hide.

The blow never lands – the Sea Troll lashes out with such terrible speed Jack cannot dodge in time. A powerful, horny claw snaps shut on the blade of the Rune Sword, and with a flash of golden light, both sword and the magic that enchanted it are shattered.

There is no time to lament the loss of his weapon; the Sea Troll’s second claw finds his throat. With a swift and painless SNAP! his head floats free of his body. The carnivorous Caribes, who have watched the spectacle from a distance, now crowd in to feed…




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