The Plateau of the Endless – Page 35


Plateau (35)

Jack emerges from the Warp Portal into darkness and bitterly cold wind. 

It is immediately apparent that he is very high above the ground; the air is thin and difficult to breathe. He stands at the lip of an unusual relic of the Emerald Dynasty – a StarSteel Shaft! These strange GreenShafts represent the pinnacle of the Emerald technology, a time when the Emeralds succeeded in working StarSteel and interweaving it with the magical crystal that was their hallmark. These relics, coupled with the oddly colored TowaShrooms all around, reinforce the reality that Jack is very, very far from home. To his knowledge, these silvery-white TowaShrooms only grow in the frozen north, far beyond the reaches of the Mushroom Kingdom proper, where the Emeralds met the final limit of their expansion.

A glance over the edge of the TowaShroom assures him that that way lies only death. There are five other TowaShrooms in this cluster; three support StarSteel Shafts containing active Warp Portals. There are no other options available.


If you think Jack should choose the left-hand GreenShaft, turn to 63.

If you think Jack should choose the middle GreenShaft, turn to 96.

If you think Jack should choose the right-hand GreenShaft, turn to 48.

If you think Jack should go back the way he came, turn to 75.